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The Learning Effect

We help you ensure your learning culture drives performance. At the forefront of the transformation of learning, we support your organisation to ensure that it is harnessing your entire teams’ knowledge and expertise.

Exprience The Learning Effect

The pace of change in organisations is faster than it has ever been before and will only get quicker. This is creating additional demands on our people to grow and evolve their skills so that they can perform in their roles and realise their potential. Added into this mix is a multigenerational workforce. This creates a clear need for organisations to evolve the way they organise and deploy company knowledge and learning.

How we do this successfully is the big question!

There is a great deal talked about the future of learning, terms used include: blended, 70:20:10, learning in the flow of work, bite-sized learning and social learning. A few organisations have fully grasped these concepts and are realising the opportunities and benefits which can be achieved. Most however are on the journey and are yet to deliver these benefits.


Our vision is to help companies create purposeful, consumer grade learning  experiences which help you deliver your business goals and your team realise their potential.  


So what on earth does that mean?

The Learning Effect - Here to help

Your team get the learning and knowledge they need when they need it

Learning drives business performance

Your team will choose to learn and share their knowledge with their colleagues

Your team will be more engaged

You will save time and money

We have experience of bringing truly innovative and engaging learning to organisations of varying sizes, across multiple sectors.

Are you a large company wanting to review and reinvent your learning approach? 

A small or medium company who need support and guidance through your transformation?

Or You might be setting up your first training function.


Whatever stage you are at we can help.


Our range of services and support help you navigate your learning transformation and create truly breathtaking results. The following are examples of a variety of the ways which we can help: 

Status Review

An evaluation of your current learning structure and outline of possible next steps and overview of the path to success for each step

Development of a Detailed Learning Transformation Plan

We help you build your plan and truly understand what it will take to get there

Project Management

Support through your transformation at the level which is right for you 

Vendor and Tool Selection

There is a myriad of learning solutions out there, how can you know which ones are right for you - we can support you through finding, selecting and securing the tools which are right for you 


Our Approach :


  • we believe in what we do and care about your business and your people · we are passionate about learning and improving performance

  • we have walked the journey, this experience will help your transformation

  • we are refreshingly honest – focusing on the areas that matter

  • we find the right approach for your business

  • we will help you deliver your story

  • we are great problem solvers - bringing creativity & innovation to your project

  • we don't know everything but we will find someone who does or can help


To find out more get in touch and we can have a chat or a coffee and work through how we can help you transform your learning.



Phone number: +447920 284 086

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