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Learning in Uncertain Times

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The situation is uncertain – for the foreseeable future it looks like social contact will be limited and even after the restrictions are removed some people are going to be justifiably reticent to meet in large groups. This of course will subside over time as human nature means we quickly move on from a crisis and return to some semblance of normality.

The crisis facing us is both one of health and economic proportions. Many people are rightly concerned for their loved ones, themselves but also their livelihoods and future economic viability.

Individuals whose livelihood depends on delivering face to face support e.g. personal trainers, therapists, face to face trainers and lecturers are being forced to re-evaluate delivery models and are taking opportunities to push these services online, where they can.

In the corporate learning world moving everything online is not as simple as just changing classroom sessions into a webinar or online e-learning. It is far more nuanced than that.

The enforced isolation over the coming weeks is clearly a concern but also creates an opportunity for people to re-evaluate how they support their teams, deliver their services and update and develop their skills to be able to do this.

Over the coming days and weeks we will be offering some tips support and guidance to help navigate the current situation but also to use this period to ensure you future yourself, your skills and your offer so post the current crisis you are best prepared to prosper within whatever the new landscape looks like.

Immediate Actions You Can Take Now

- Learning needs to match the speed of business – government daily updates, regulation and legislation moving quicker than ever, business delivery and operating models changing on the fly, pragmatism – use what you already have – short sharp and easy to understand – crowdsource answers from your teams, network, don’t worry about it being invented here, perfectly formatted and branded, useful is what counts - What do your people really need now – Quick performance support, opportunity to ask questions, ability to share best practice, reassurance, time to focus on transferable skills, peer support and feedback.

- Some people will have less work – they will understandably feel anxious – how can you use this time to encourage them to look to the future to broaden skills – learn new areas – we always hear people do not have time for learning – maybe now time is what some people will have in ways they have never had before

Preparing For The Future

Learning post Co-vid – business will look different, financial pressures for many will be squeezed – many business models will have to change. Roles and skills will be different, your teams will have been through on an emotional rollercoaster, your customers will have less money to spend. Learning will be for many companies, a luxury again, for others it will be a core part of the recovery process.

Your first focus now should be protecting yourself and others and work wise, supporting pragmatic continuance of your business and it’s service. Your second priority should be focussing on how you will support your business, your people and yourselves to succeed on the other side of the crisis.

The next article in this series is Learning During a Crisis

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