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The Learning Effect
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Director and Co-Founder 

I co-founded The Learning Effect with Katie Godden in 2019. After more than 20 years working in a wide variety of in-house learning and HR teams, I recognised the need for a bridge to be created between internal learning teams and learning tech providers to make workplace learning amazing. Katie and I have a shared vision and complimentary skillsets and experience which puts The Learning Effect in a unique position to help our clients. 


Whilst we understand learning tech in detail, we have substantial inhouse experience which means we understand that tech needs to be an integral part of the picture rather than the whole solution. I have been part of senior teams, led change and transformation projects and selected and embedded new tech. This experience means I understand the pressures you face and bring a holistic view to any client we support. I also know from experience that there is no one size fits all, so we ensure we tailor our solutions and support to fit your precise needs. 


I love helping people, solving problems and being part of creating solutions which deliver more than people could have imagined. I am a pragmatist and realist, and I hate wasting time and money. I think these values help drive my creativity.   

I am most energised when I am supporting clients to deliver business performance by reimagining and reinventing their workplace learning culture. 


I am constantly curious and specialise in helping organisations clarify and simplify their learning strategy and then find the most effective and innovative ways to deliver and evolve this.  

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Director and Co-Founder 

I co-founded The Learning Effect with James Poletyllo in 2019. My expertise lies in learning tech implementation and continued engagement. 


Our mission is to create business benefits by transforming learning cultures. The right strategy, technology and culture, can enable people and provide them with the right tools to integrate learning into their working lives and share best practice – not just tick a box. 


I worked in-house for over 10 years prior to setting up The Learning Effect. I understand the hurdles many organisations face and have overcome them to change the way learning was delivered and saw big improvements in business results.  


Our clients are forward thinkers who want to bring learning innovation into their businesses. I love being able to bring my expertise and knowledge to help support our clients to see real transformation being made. 

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