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AI for HR Professionals 
Developing Your AI Knowledge

AI is something which is becoming more popular in all aspects of our lives, including how we work. The Learning Effect have designed this masterclass to show HR teams how AI can enhance their own team and the wider teams within their organisation. Other functions within your organisation may already be implementing AI into their workflows, this session will help teams understand how to support the wider business in a positive way. With anything new that is implemented, change is inevitable, this session will provide insight on how these changes can be navigated. We’ll also look at the ethical and legal challenges which relate to AI. 



  • Individuals and teams who work in all aspects of HR. 

  • Individuals and teams who are new to AI and would like to start their AI journey. 

  • Those seeking to improve their knowledge and confidence of AI in the workplace. 



  • What is AI?  

  • AI the possibilities and risks  

  • AI and your Business  

  • AI and the HR function  

  • AI and you  



What: Half day fully interactive session to help teams embrace AI in the workplace 

Where: sessions can be run in person or online 

When: sessions can be booked in around your schedule, register your interest to discuss further with the team 

Cost: Online session: £850+VAT, In-Person Session: £850 + travel costs and any additional costs (all discussed upfront) +VAT 

Verification: on completion, individuals will receive a digital badge which can be added to social media 




The Learning Effect is a small bespoke training consultancy, helping organisations of all sizes with all aspects of learning, from strategy, technology, implementation to team dynamics. With over 30 years of in-house experience, The Learning Effect understand the challenges you and your teams are facing.  


Get in touch with The Learning Effect today to find out more. 

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