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Being honest about your purpose – What really drives you?

In his seminal book “Drive”, Daniel Pink focussed on three intrinsic factors of Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. These concepts resonate and have led to much debate, duplication and adaption.

In reflecting on these the one which most resonates with me is purpose. There is no doubt that I want time to direct my own life and this autonomy is vitally important, this is why I am part of a team which run a business. I also work in the field of corporate learning and have done so for a long time, so getting better at things, or mastery is a core belief and value. But purpose still trumps them all. Wanting to achieve things and make a difference it what allows me to apply my time and efforts with autonomy gives me. Achieving my purpose creates the opportunity to learn as I face new challenges or opportunities, I do not learn for learning sake but to achieve a purpose.

So then what is my purpose. For many years I have said I do not know what I want to be when I grow up and this remains true. In some ways I envied those who knew what they wanted, those who were following a vocational path to be something like a doctor or had a natural gift and passion and strive to be the best violinist they can be. My purpose did not seem so clear, but as I have reflected my purpose is routed in my beliefs it shows at both times I step up and take the lead and at times I become frustrated.

My purpose is driven by efficiency and logic and, most of all, by a drive to use time wisely. I absolutely hate wasting time and the processes which are not efficient, user friendly and customer centric drive me to distraction. I see processes which add no value enforced on others who, in my opinion, do not care or think. I see people accept the status quo because they do not have the energy or drive to change things. We all become frustrated with poor processes – no one (this is a sweeping statement I admit) likes sitting on the phone waiting to resolve an issue which should not have occurred or going through processes which have clearly been designed around the service provider not the customer. But whilst most get frustrated, I want to solve these issues, I unpick them in my brain I work out how to remove the points of pain and frustration.

So, I have learnt that my passion and purpose it not a destination but a cause, my purpose it to remove friction, create great user experiences and ultimately stop wasting peoples time so they can spend more time achieving their purpose.

I would be fascinated to hear what others see as their purpose and how this plays out.

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