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Can Learning Be Done Differently?

The way we live our lives has changed dramatically over the last year. We have had more restrictions put on us than ever before but hopefully, we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s not just our personal and working lives which have changed. The way we learn in the workplace had to change, as more of us than ever before were asked to work from home. We’ve seen lots of learning teams opt to simply flip their learning offering from classroom to virtual classrooms. But what’s been the impact on learners with these sessions? Can learning be done in a different way?

There is an obvious choice, which is to break down a classroom session and create online content (I don’t mean SCORM, I mean videos, e-books, infographics). Online content can then be blended with live events to help minimize screen fatigue and (hopefully) boost engagement. But is this the only way to do things different?

What about using familiar social apps such as Instagram and TikTok? The continual rise in popularity of apps like these and the ease of use, has meant we now have millions of content creators. It’s easier now than ever before to join a community, share knowledge and collaborate with like minded people. These are things workplaces are striving to achieve, but struggling to do so.

How have you delivered learning differently and how have you learnt differently over the last year?

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