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Learning Should Be for All - Not Just the Elite

Whilst there is a price on knowledge then equality of opportunity does not exist. If we look at the corporate training world £millions if not billions of pounds is spent developing content which are old ideas rehashed or the same stuff with your company logo, branding and maybe a tiny amount of context added.

The amount of money wasted on these vanity projects means that we do not yet have learning cultures which are accessible and inclusive. As I have said many times before focusing on courses and content kills your learning strategy.

Moving away from the provision of courses and content would turn learning on it's head and force us to look at what really matters to help people perform and reach there potential as opposed to content blasting or provision of courses.

It is initially difficult to make this change. You may have blockers internally. There is also a multi-million-dollar content production industry that exists based on this way of doing things, but by looking at things with a different perspective you can achieve so much more.

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