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Learning with Purpose

Whether you’ve chosen to go to Learning Tech 20 to listen to a seminar, keep up to date with the latest tech, visit a supplier or to network with your peers, you still need to focus on your purpose. If you’re looking to transform your learning strategy and culture, then this is for you!

You will hear many people talking about learning as a benefit or making learning fun and enjoyable, but this is really straying from the real reason people will learn and learn at work. These are:

- I need to learn something to make my life easier (pain relief)

- I need to learn something to be better at what I do (performance driven)

- I want to learn something to achieve a personal ambition or outcome (goal driven)

So, when you’re thinking about your learning strategy and culture, think about why people need to learn. You can use the table below to start to think about this in more detail, then use examples from how you’re working in your home life and your current learning offering to see what you’d like to achieve.

(We’ve provided some examples for you)

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