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The Learning Effect

Is your business looking to change the way learning is delivered? Are you looking to introduce a new learning system or to reshape your learning team? Then our Learning Health Check is perfect for you. As with any business change, it’s crucial that you understand your current position, so you know what does and does not need to change.

Our Learning Health Check will provide you with a summary report detailing your current learning culture and the factors which shape it. Here’s the steps we take to produce your report:  

  • Put the learner in the middle and map all learning, communications and associated systems

  • Review current content and delivery methods

  • Assess the business impact from the data collected

  • Summarise and review business, HR, learning and communication strategies

  • Review suppliers, team structure and budgets

  • Provide you with a summary report detailing current status, including strong and weak areas and areas for possible enhancement


Without having a good understanding of your current position, your learning project may hit some bumps in the road – over-engineering, over-running and blowing your budget are the common issues we find.

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The Learning Effect
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