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At The Learning Effect we support organisations to select, implement and benefit from the very best learning technology as part of their learning offer. With thousands of products on the market it can be a confusing and intimidating experience trying to select the right tools, implement them and create a cohesive and consumer grade experience for employees. It is rare for companies to find one solution which meets all of their needs so combining and integrating multiple systems becomes an additional complexity. This is where the expertise of The Learning Effect comes into play as we help companies clarify articulate and deliver solutions which are right for them.

Why we Partner?

To help our customers deliver their goals we need to understand what products are on the market, their benefits and limitations. We continually review products to ensure we are aware of latest trends, innovations, product performance and reliability. Through this process we narrow down what we believe to be the best products available. We can then match these to our customers needs and make recommendations. We do not provide blanket endorsements or recommendations as the right product for one client may not be suitable for other clients. Through building and maintaining an effective partner network we are able to ensure satisfied clients and our partners products are fully utilised and successful.

Benefits to our Partners

Our partners benefit in a number of ways:

- Introduction of new clients to your product

- Support to help clients understand the potential and benefits of your products

- Successful implementations

- Evidence based customer success stories

Partnership Options

In the same way we treat our customer relationships as unique and find the right solution for each we do the same with our partnership relationships.

If you would like to explore the possibility of partnering with The Learning Effect, please complete the form below and we can set up a call to discuss further.

Partnership Enquiry Form

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