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Making Your Learning Tech 2023 Visit Count

The Learning Technologies event returns to the ExCel in London on 3rd and 4th May. Attending these events is seen as a must for some learning professionals whilst others will find the whole experience bewildering and overwhelming. This year for the first time, The Learning Effect team will have a stand. You can come and find us at Stand LP19 which is part of the Launchpad section feature new and niche businesses. We will be able to help you make sense of the chaos and we are also looking forward to get to know about you, your business and what you are focussed on for the coming year.

If you have been to the event before you will find the experience is familiar as the organisers of Learning Technologies stick to their established formula. There are 200 free seminars and 200 plus leading L&D suppliers, in addition the paid workshops and conference.

So, what can you expect? If you are spending £1,300 to £1,500 to attend the conference you will be able to sit through sessions on a variety of topics with a very broad range of themes this year.

The free programme of events which take place in the exhibition floor showcase particular suppliers and usually will have a focus on their USP in the market, new features they are promoting or customer case studies.

The Exhibition showcases 200 suppliers and allows you to interact and see demos of different products and for many of you stock up on mugs, notebooks, socks and pens if you have exhausted your previous supply.

Making Your Visit Count

If you are planning on attending, make sure you plan ahead to get the most from your visit.

1. Think about why you wish to attend:

· Networking and catching up with peers

· To see what is new, looking for inspiration

· My current learning tech is up for renewal

· What I have currently is not doing what I need

· We need to deliver more with our budget

· I have a specific business challenge I need to solve

2. Prepare and Plan

· Set objectives for the day

· Do your research beforehand – narrow down who you are going to see - seeing too many suppliers can be overwhelming and exhausting and they will begin to merge into one. A plan helps you spend quality time where you need to

· You can do a lot of research beforehand to ensure your time on the day is best spent. If you want help planning your visit you can book a free 30 minute call to help you plan your visit book here

· Think about your travel to and from the event what time will you arrive – can you pre-book slots with suppliers you wish to see book here to meet The Learning Effect

· Avoid the graveyard slots – the end of day one, start of day two and end of day two tend to see suppliers at their worst. They are often exhausted at the end of the days and socialising after the first day can see many suppliers being slow starters on day two

3. On the Day

· Stick to your plan -it’s easy to be drawn to the glitzy big stands but are they you need or do they just have the best marketing and sweets

· Beware of the demo - demos at exhibitions are designed to show you the best features of the product – focus on the business challenges and ask them to show how they can help you solve these

· Manage your energy levels – if you are selective in who you meet then you can get the most from your visit. Take breaks and capture notes feedback and reflections as you go

· Protect your details – lots of suppliers will want to swipe your details – be discerning over who you let swipe you

· Make notes/capture your thoughts – capture your thoughts and reflections as you go – use a method which works for you

· Challenge and ask questions – the world of learning tech is full of nonsense phrases, if someone if using jargon or glossing over detail challenge and ask them to explain

· Value your time – if something is not right for you move on, be polite and direct and let the supplier focus on someone who may be a better fit

· Get a second opinion – if you have question, concerns or queries or just someone to talk things through with, we will be at the event and it would be great to catch up and help you see the wood for the trees you can find us at Stand LP19

· Have fun – enjoy the event, its great to be back around people, network, connect and stay curious

4. After the event

· Capture your thoughts – take time whether on the way back or shortly after to collate your thoughts – work and life will quickly take over

· Set yourself a follow up plan – this may be follow up conversations, demos or questions you need to answer within your business. If you need help with what you do next please get in touch

· Use your swag responsibly – You will probably walk away with a selection of freebies, please make sure they it goes to good use rather than landfill

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