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Should face to face training still be a "thing"​?

I was scrolling through my social media and noticed an advert form Halifax advertising video chat for mortgage advise. This got me thinking, if banks are taking a more flexible approach to make it easier for us to get the information we need at a time and location which suits us, why isn’t more of this done in the learning space?

From working within organisations, I noticed that there is still a perception that face to face training is more valuable than online content, with no real justification as to why. With nearly every aspect of our lives being made easier with the use of technology, why aren’t organisations pushing for this when it comes to learning? People are being taken away from their roles for days at a time, to be fed loads of information with only a small amount of that being retained and used. If we then start to put the costs associated for this into the mix e.g. venue hire, travel/hotel expenses, facilitator costs etc., and compare that to what the attendee has actually retained and will use back in the real world, more often than not, organisations are in fact wasting money and not seeing any return on investment. If you took the same face to face content and transformed it to be suitable for an online platform, people can work through this at their own pace and find the information when it’s relevant to them personally.

At The Learning Effect, we have a strong belief that the colleague should be at the centre of learning. If you are looking to transform your learning and start saving money, get in touch today by emailing:

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